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Add:Lvgongbao Industrial Zone (Jinqiao), Renqiu City, Hebei Province






Hebei Xinhua High Voltage Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd (XHE) was set up in 1997 and recognized as a high-technology enterprise by Hebei Province. XHE has the technical center of enterprise recognized by Hebei Province. With Tsinghua University as a partner, this private joint-stock enterprise of Hi-tech is a comprehensive manufacturer of 6kV—1000 kV, DC±800kV ultra-high voltage composite insulators for both transmission and distribution power lines, and AC 27.5 kV insulators used in OCS in electrified railway. At present, XHE is having the lead in manufacturing composite insulators for OCS in electrified railways in China. For manufacturing composite insulators of 750kV-1000kV super and ultra-high voltage, XHE’s technology has reached world advanced level. All these products have been in the lists of National New Key Products and Hebei Provincial New Self-innovation Products.


Ⅰ. Production Capacity

XHE is located in Renqiu City in the middle of Hebei Province, on the rim of the Bohai Sea Economical Circle. Renqiu is very near to Beijing, Tianjin and Baoding. The geographic location is very advantageous. By the end of 2012, the total assets of the Company is 238 million RMB Yuan and the fixed assets is 83.53 million RMB Yuan. The Company covers an area of 28,000 square meters, with 230 staff members and workers.XHE carries out ISO9000 managing system and applied PPM digital managing system in the production procedure. XHE have strictly carried out management operating system of standardization, normalization and science according to the ISO9000 system. The operating of PPM and adopting of control technology of barcode recognition has improved our management and guaranteed our products’ quality.There are now two production technologies of shed–by-shed assembly and whole-body injection molding in the workshops with the following production equipments: four 10,000CC full - auto silicon rubber injection machines, three 2500CC full - auto silicon rubber injection machines, one housing machine, two shed-assembly machines, seven rubber milling machines, there fitting crimping machines(Imported from Fenland)and two 6000KN fitting crimping machines. We have complete sets of tooling mold which can meet the production of kinds of composite insulators. The annual production capacity is 0.6 million standard sets.


Ⅱ. Technical Level

XHE has had a long-term stable cooperation with Tsinghua University from whom masters of engineering will have XHE as their practice and distance education base.There are now 45 persons of senior technical titles working in the provincial approved technical centre with the following T test equipments: one 400kN tensile machine, one 1000kN tensile machine, one 2000kN tensile machine. The test equipments in high-voltage hall are: one 1000kv power frequency test device, one 1350kV steep-wave apparatus, one big buckling test device, one small buckling test device and a wind load test device. The test equipments in physical and chemical test laboratory: one leakage tracking test machine, one rubber tearing strength test machine, one silicon rubber vulcanization test machine. Through Product Appraisal organized by Hebei Scientific and Technological Achievements Commercializing Service Centre, XHE’s composite insulators used in OCS in high-speed electrified railway have reached the leading level in China, and the manufacturing technology and skills for super and ultra-high voltage of 750kv—1000kv composite insulators is in the lead in the world. In large-scale production, Tsinghua University has firstly used emulating computing in optimizing product structure with its own Intellectual property which has filled a gap in both China and the world. For over 10 years, with the help of Tsinghua University the Company has made lots of Scientific and technological innovations and constructed its own enterprise culture. At the same time, the Company has made its way of Sustainable Development and achieved the goal of “Develop with innovation, Win both customers and market.


Ⅲ.Events of the Company??

In March 1997, the project was approved by Hebei Provincial Planning Committee to establish the plant with the investment of 26 million RMB Yuan. ?

In June 1998, the full automatic jet molding composite insulator, FXB-35kV~500kV, underwent the examination as a scientific payoff by provincial experts. ?

In August 1998, the product was listed in the "Torch Program of Hebei Province "and the company was appraised as a High-Tech Enterprise by Hebei Provincial authorities. ?

In November 1999, the full automatic jet molding composite insulator, FXB-35kV~220kV, underwent the examination by the experts of two Ministries of China and it was evaluated at the domestically advanced level. ?

In November 1999, the full automatic jet molding composite insulator, FXB-500/160, won the "CERTIFICATE OF THE STATE MAJOR NEW PRODUCTS "by five Ministries and Committees of China. ?

In 2000, it passed the examination of the "Requisition of Quality Assurance of the Netted Composite insulator "of State Power Corporation of China .The product was admitted to put into the power network. ?

In June 2000, the product was listed in the "Torch Program of State ", and the company got 1 million Yuan of Hebei Province issued by Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Venture Capital. ?

In December 2000, the company won the title of "Advanced Enterprise of Hebei Machinery Industry Progress during the Ninth Five - Year Plan. ?

In April 2001, it got the Certificate of Quality System ISO9002 by China National Exp. & Imp. Quality System Center (CQC). ?

In June 2001, the series of the composite insulators for the electric railway were developed and underwent the examination of Ministry of Railway of China. The products reached the domestically advanced level. ?

In July 2001, the full automatic jet molding composite insulators, FXB-330/160 and FXB-500/160, underwent the examination by Ministerial experts .The general techniques of the products were at the domestically advanced level. ?

In October 2001, the company got the "CERTIFICATE OF APPROVAL for Enterprises with Foreign Trade Rights in the People's Republic of China. ?

In April 2002, the enterprise was enrolled as the production base of composite insulators of the Contact Networks Testing Center of China Railway Electrical Bureau, Ministry of Railway. ?

In June 2002, our products rank the first place of the same line during the sampling test carried out by the National Quality Inspection Bureau. ?

In July 2002, our composite insulators were enrolled as “high and new technological production” that was used in electric railway and “the high and new technological enterprise” by Hebei Province; ?

In June 2004, Tsinghua University and our company co-operated the longest insulator (10.22m) in the world—it can be used in 330kV and 500kV high voltage lines. ?

In July 2004, our company had researched and developed with Tsinghua University ,China Power Science Academy, and Gansu Power Design Institute the flexible spacer and V-type compact line-use composite insulators. This can largely reduce the use of land and cost; ?

In February 2005, our company successfully passed the KEMA test and was granted the certificate of KEMA. KEMA is the highest authority of the international electric power industry and this authentication marks shows that the process control and production quality of composite insulators in China had gone on a new level; ?

On May 2005, our company became the first holder of Railway products of CRCC certification of the industry ; ?

On June 2005, our company won the Cangzhou Science and Technology Special Prize for the researching and developing of its automatic whole-body injection composite insulators; ?

In September 2005?, our company won the Special Contribution Award of Cangzhou new technology in the Brilliant fifteen-year achievement exhibition ; ?

In December 2006, our company was awarded the “Technological Innovation Model Certificate of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises”, the title of Trustworthy Quality Certificate of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises” and the title of “Famous Brand Hnorary Certificate of small and Medium-sized Enterprises in Hebei Province; ?

In November 2007, 750KV super-high voltage and 1000KV ultral-high voltage composite insulators manufactured by our company passed the type test carried out by the Electric Power Industry Equipment and Quality Inspection and Test Centre; ?

In August 2008, our company was awarded the Certificate of Railway Transport Safety Equipment Manufacture Enterprise; ?

In December 2008, our company was awarded the Unit of Priority in Intellectual Property issued by Hebei Development and Reform Commission and Science and Technology Agency and other ten units alike in Hebei Province; ?

In June 2009, our 1000KV long rod suspension composite insulators passed the technical appraisal of new products by China Electricity Council, and the products reached the internationla advanced level;

In August 2009, the products passed the technical appraisal of new products by Technology Transformation Services Centre in Hebei Province, and the products reached the internationla advanced level. In meanwhile, our company got six software copyrights and one patent. ?

In September 2009, our company was appraised as a Province High-Tech Enterprise. ?

On July 29, 2009, the composite insulators manufactured by us passed the identification of Institute for Standards and Metrology of Ministry of Railway China, and got the Certificate. (Instead of the "CRCC certification of China Railways Product Certification Center CRCC certification). ?

On September 4, and 18, 2010, through Product Appraisal organized by Hebei Science and Technology Service Centre, XHE’s composite insulators for both OCS in electrified railway and city rail traffic have reached the leading level in China. ?

On December 2011, our company won the first Prize of All-china Federation Of Industry & Commerce Science and Technology for XHE’s composite insulators used for OCS in electrified railway. ?

On October 2013, our company was listed on the board of Shijiazhuang Equity Trading Center ?On November 2013, our company became the first holder of CRCC certification for Railway products in the same industry(speed over 200kM/h) ;

XHE is committed to the power and electrification with the spirit of sincere to make quality products for our country’s power industry and electrical railway career with the purpose of “excellence in building brand, quality and our services unlimited.


Hebei Xinhua High Voltgage Electrical Equipment Co.,Ltd.

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